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Riddle Marine, LLC

Jet Boating Experts

The Riddle name has been associated with jet boats since the 1960s. As the original jet boat manufacturer in the Lewiston/Clarkston Valley, we know jet boats. There’s plenty of opportunity to test Riddle Marine boats, from the shallows of the Clearwater River to the whitewater of the Salmon and the Snake River of Hells Canyon. We continue to lead the way in design, performance and reliability.

Riddle Marine builds jet boats from 16-foot to 40-foot models. All of our boats are custom-built to order. The popular RMX Extreme models come with extra bottom bracing and T-1 steel or UHMW plastic armor plating, for those boating enthusiasts who like to explore remote areas.

We’ve built boats for James Bond; we can build one for you.