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Renaissance Marine Group

The Renaissance Marine Group represents a family of brands that have established themselves as pioneers of the past and innovators of the future.

Duckworth Welded Aluminum Boats, considered a category leader, are evolving at an astounding pace; growing stronger, safer, more fuel efficient and versatile than ever. Future boats will feature new ergonomic designs and enhanced luxuries that re-define the industry.

Weldcraft Welded Aluminum Boats are best described as part art, part science and part passion. The newest structural and functional ideas are creatively incorporated into every boat, providing unsurpassed value for the user.

Northwest Boats is the newest member of the Renaissance family. Challenging the rugged waters of the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years, these boats are designed to plane quickly and have positive, predictable handling. Many believe they are the smoothest riding and shallowest running jet boats on the market today.