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For Every Dream, There's a Duckworth

Duckworth Boats answered the demands of a courageous few who tempted the limits of belief to run the storied Snake River. The Snake is home to whitewater so fierce that boats in excess of 4 tons are tossed effortlessly by the heaving waves that cascade down Hells Canyon, one of the United States most remote and unforgiving destinations. It was here that legendary jet boat operator and builder Ernie Duckworth designed, produced, tested and ran his boats. And it was in this remarkable river and outdoor playground that Duckworth Boats got their start.

Now NMMA-Certified
All Duckworth Boats are now certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). Similar to ISO-9000 certification, the NMMA requires that our boats satisfy an additional set of quality assurance standards to ensure the furthest degree of safety and quality.