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Custom Weld Boats

A Reputation Unrivaled
Truly the “SUV” of boats, Custom Weld Boats perform beautifully on any body of water. These rugged boats are equally at home crossing shallow waters or negotiating turbulent rapids. You and your family can enjoy the relaxing fun of playing on lakes, rivers and other bodies of water with your Custom Weld Boat pulling skiers, wakeboarders and tubers, or just cruising around appreciating the scenery.

Lake, river, or ocean fishing for salmon, bottom fish and fresh water fish is another popular use for the go-anywhere Custom Weld Boat. Thousands of private boaters along with commercial outfitters and government agencies consistently choose Custom Weld Boats knowing not all aluminum boats are the same.

A Custom Weld Boat is for those who “Want It All.”

Craftsmanship & Quality
Custom Weld is committed to unconditional quality throughout the construction of every one of our boats. Each boat is individually handcrafted by an experienced staff of welders, riggers, finishers, upholsterers, and detailers who take a great deal of pride in the performance and appearance of the finished product. The value of this craftsmanship helps ensure the investment of your Custom Weld Boat over the passing of years.