SJX Jet Boats Inc.


SJX JET BOATS Inc. is based in Orofino, Idaho the heart and soul of shallow water proving grounds as well as the steelhead fishing capital of the world. When it comes to shallow water boating, the SJX is a razor blade among butter knives. Why drive a two wheel drive when you can drive the ultimate ALL-Wheel Drive? The SJX is the most unique high performance jetboat in the country because of its unmatched power-to-weight, fuel economy, tremendous payload, brutal acceleration, superb handling, along with its unmatched shallow water abilities.

All the floor stringers, stiffeners, etc. are full length-constant welds, an expensive, labor intensive production process that comes as standard equipment in every SJX boat sold. Another popular feature for the real “hardcores” that only SJX offers is the optional Black-Ice upgrade (Full Bottom Protection).

SJX boats are multi-purpose, hunting, fishing, touring, working jetboats that will get you and your gear where you want to go, even when the others can’t.